School Calendar

TMPF Term Dates 2022-2023

Autumn Term 2022
Inset Day for staff (schools closed for pupils): Monday 5th September.
Term starts for pupils: Tuesday 6th September.

Half Term: Monday 24th October - Friday 28th October
Term ends: Friday 16th December

Spring Term 2023
Inset Day for staff (schools closed for pupils): Tuesday 3rd January
Term starts for pupils: Wednesday 4th January.

Half Term: Monday 20th February - Friday 24th February

Term ends: Friday 31st March

Summer Term 2023
Inset Day for staff (schools closed for pupils): Monday 17th April
Term starts for pupils: Tuesday 18th April
May Day (Bank Holiday): Monday 1st May

Half Term: Monday 29th May - Friday 2nd June
Term ends: Friday 21st July

Inset Days for staff (schools closed for pupils):
Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th July.
School closes for children –
Friday 21st July 2023

Dates for your diary 


20.02.23: Break up for Half Term

27.02.23: School opens

02.03.23: World Book Day- more details to follow

08.03.23: Biggest Ever Football Session (Girls)
               09.00 – 12.30 Gymnastics

28.04.23 09.30-11.30 Archery, T.C.A Year 5

01.05.23 Bank Holiday

04.05.23 Town and Parish Council Elections, No access to Key Stage 2 Playground

05.05.23 14.00 Coronation Tea Party all classes

05.05.23 14.45 Coronation Celebration Singing Key Stage 2 playground, everybody welcome

08.05.23 Bank Holiday- King’s Coronation.

09.05.23- 12.05.23 Year 6 SATs

10.05.23 13.15-16.30 Y3/4 Football, at Cheadle Primary School

12.05.23 15:00- 16:30 Movie Night! All classes (Friends)

15.05.23 09:00-12:00 National Grid drama workshop- Indigo and Violet
15.05.23 Year 2 SATS to begin

16.05.23 08:45- 16:30 Violet and Indigo trip to the Sea Life Centre

17.05.23 09:30- 14:30 Y5 to TCA, Humanities and MFL Day

18.05.23 13:00- 15:30 Year 5 Maths Quiz- TCA

18.05.23 15.45- 17.20 Y5/6 Girls Football League Cheadle Primary School

19.05.23 First Aid Training, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

22.05.23 Animal Safety workshop- Indigo and Violet

24.05.23 13.15- 16.30 Y5/6 Football League at Cheadle Primary School

25. 05.23 Foreign Language Day- Table top display of activities completed in the hall at 15:15

25.05.23 15.45- 17.20 Y5/6 Girls Football League, CPS OR Springcroft (depends on results) 

29.05.23 School closed for Half term


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