Meet Saumu - The Valley's Newest Family Member

You may remember that through our fund-raising (and your kindness!), we as a school sponsor a child in Kenya.

We are delighted to introduce you to Saumu.

Saumu is 9 years old and she lives in Mtwapa, which is near to Mombasa. She walks about two miles to school each day. She lives with her parents and loves playing with other children.

Her headteacher comments: “She helps others in group work, and likes sharing with others. She is above average in her studies, likes school and is very hardworking.”

COVID-19 has disrupted life and schooling for Sauma just as it has for us. The organisation which we work with to sponsor Sauma has weekly meetings with the Headteacher at the school. The latest report is that teaching staff have been able to make contact with Sauma and her family and have carried out a safe and well check.

We look forward to hearing more about Saumu over the course of the school year and send her lots of love and good wishes from The Valley and the entire TMPF family.



Sauma Photos - October 2019

Miss Ainsworth visit's Sauma.

Sauma takes part in her school talent show

Letters from Sauma

Our first letter

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