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Welcome to 'Our Learning', please click on the drop down arrow next to 'Our Learning' to view the classes. Please click on the class your child is currently in to access the Home School Learning resources your teachers have uploaded. 

Make sure you open the correct weeks planning for the information about the resources and activities that are to be learnt. Remember, we would like you to complete 3 lessons in English and Mathematics and 2 lessons in either Foundation, Topic or Science lessons. If you wish to do so, please do more but that is up to you - keep the learning fun!

Establish a routine that works for your child and ensures that the learning is fun, enjoyable and accessible. Create a timetable that is agreed upon and if it isn't working - change it. Keep it flexible and modify when required. Follow these top ten tips: 

Home Learning Top Ten Tips
1. Create a clear routine but don’t be too rigid.
2. Reach a compromise that everyone is happy with.
3. Don’t worry about the curriculum: it’s more important to keep your child engaged so learning habits don’t      disappear.
4. Log on to Oak National Academy, the country’s first free online classroom.
5. Use online resources from teachers before trying to teach a new topic yourself.
6. Preserve family harmony and minimise stress.
7. Break the day into chunks.
8. Plan some activities your child can do unsupervised for when you need to work.
9. Make time to read together as a family.
10. If your child shows a passion for something, let them explore it to their heart’s content.

If you can print off work then please do so, if not then work in the home exercise books you were given at school. Use your tablet/phone to work from and write your answers on paper. You do not need to print it all. Remember to access what you can and use other educational resources to supplement your learning.

There are lots of education providers to support you alongside the work set by school, please take a look at the News section to find other wonderful resources, these include PE and cooking ideas.

Remember to keep sending your work in to your teacher, alongside any comments on the usefulness of the Home School Learning. If you have any recommendations that could improve the education of the pupils we would love to hear them.

School Newsletters will be sent out with lots of key information and activities for you to do - keep a look out for them.

Keep in touch, keep safe,

The Great Wood Team


Learning is one of life's great gifts. Learning is an important part of all of our lives, beginning at home and continuing each and every day as we grow and fulfil roles as members of our local and global communities.

At Great Wood Primary School, we are so proud of all of our children and the journey they take through our school gives them lots of opportunities to learn within and beyond the classroom. The children will have experiences to learn and grow in many ways including academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, morally, culturally and as confident young people.